Fist day In business, hopeful for the journey that laid ahead.

Fist day In business, hopeful for the journey that laid ahead.


It all started when…

Immaculate Cleaning Solutions (ICS) was founded by the husband and wife team of Mark and Zulma Stevens. Their business was founded on the purpose of changing lives by creating job growth and aiding to close they cycle of generational poverty.

 Prior to founding Immaculate Cleaning Solutions, Zulma worked as an Office Manager for a real estate investment company when she realized how difficult it was to find a quality cleaning company that understood the actual needs of business owners. Mark on the other hand, contributed his share of patriotism through his 10 years military devotion.  As any other person who has served is aware of, if there is one thing the military teaches you it is clean… the right way, the first time.

Franchisehelp.com, estimates that every cleaning company loses 55% of their customer base every year due to poor service. Knowing this, Immaculate Cleaning Solutions understood there was an enormous opportunity to raise the industry's standard. 

Motivated by burning passion for business, customer service, excellence, and frustration towards the cleaning industry, they decided to venture out and be a part of the solution.

Let's face it, if you run a business, you have more important things to think about than your office's janitorial needs, leave that to us. As a business ourselves, we understand that your number one priority is to build a profitable, effective business, we understand this and want to help you achieve your goals. After arriving to this conclusion we created a company with integrity not only to reduce your employees sick days, and contribute to increasing productivity in your place of business, but also to create a positive impression for your employees and customers.

Immaculate Cleaning Solutions was the spring of the passion for excellent customer support and immaculate service. Immaculate Cleaning Solutions honors its core values excellence, integrity, gratitude, and development as they are implemented into every aspect of the culture of the business.